About Us

Welcome to Battlescar, experts in historical reenactments. We teach history in a captivating and entertaining way and travel the length and breadth of the country, bringing history to life in your classroom, company or at your special event.

Battlescar was founded in 1992 by Ian Deveney and has since become one of the most sought after reenactment companies in Scotland. Having performed at major historical sites including Edinburgh Castle, Stirling Castle and Fort George, Battlescar had become one of the most highly rated historical interpretation companies in the country.

Our excellent reputation has enabled us to work with the most prominent of TV organisations; including the BBC, STV, National Geographic and many other video and film production companies. With performances at prestigious events such as Gleneagles, Cullodean House Hotel and The Lord of the Rings premiers, Battlescar has the experience to make any occasion outstanding, memorable, and above all, a unique experience.

By fully researching the lifestyle, culture and weaponry of the characters, Battlescar has devised a highly authentic and professional program that caters for all your needs. Our aim is to provide you with an exciting and entertaining experience that will add a special edge to your event or classroom.

Within this site we will cover many aspects of Scotland's history, including Vikings, Jacobites and Scottish Wars of Independence, while also providing a resource centre with links to additional information about Scotland’s stormy history.

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