Jacobites part 1

Historical date: 
1688 - 1746

 In 1745 the Jacobites made another attempt to regain the British throne. They were led into the campaign by the young pretender, Bonnie Prince Charlie, this was to be their last.

Bonnie Prince Charlie was the great grandson of King James the VII who had been kicked off the throne of Britain because of his religious beliefs. This started the Jacobite uprisings.

In 1689 Bonnie Dundee led a Jacobite force at the Battle of Killiecrankie unfortunately he was shot by a musket and died not long after the battle. The following year King James the VII led his forces into the Battle of the Boyne in 1690. King James was not as brave a man as Bonnie Dundee and left the field in a hurry, leaving his army without a leader. King James fled to France and lived in exile never setting foot in Scotland again. He did make another attempt in 1708 when the French King Louie the XIV gave his support to King James. Hoped it would act as a distraction to the British government as France and Britain were at war and fighting in Flanders, The French refused to land King James in Scotland and aborted the mission and returned to France.

The Jacobites made another attempt in 1715 this led to the Battle of Sheriffmuir, the Jacobites this time were led by the Earl of Mar who was more of a politician that a soldier. The Royal Stuart standard was raised on 6 September 1715. The Duke of Argyll was at the head of a British force in Scotland, unfortunately for him he was heavily out numbered. Once again the ill-fated Jacobite cause made another fatal mistake and did not join with their forces from the south, if they had, they would have defeated the Duke of Argyll quite easily. Eventually the Jacobites were to meet with the Duke of Argyll and his forces at the field of Sheriffmuir on the 13th of November 1715, the Battle ended as a draw and the Jacobite rebellion once again came to an end.

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