Jacobites part 3

Historical date: 
1688 - 1746

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A spy came to the Prince giving him information about the position of a government army waiting for them at London and if the Prince were to attack the city, he would most definitely be defeated. The Prince held a council of war with Lord George Murray, the Princes commander-in-Chief Murray convinced the council that it would be unwise to carry on without the support of the English Jacobites.

This is not what the Prince wanted to hear, the Prince wanted to carry on but the decision was made and the Jacobite army, which were only 120 miles from London, turned for home. The sad part was that the spy the Prince had trusted was working for the government and had given the Prince false information, there was no army waiting for them at London and the City was unprotected. King George II had packed his bags along with the Crown Jewels and had a ship waiting for him in the Thames. The Jacobites were so close to regaining the throne for the Royal House of Stuart.

As the Jacobites made their retreat the government army drew ever closer until eventually they caught up with the Jacobites at Clifton moor. Lord George Murray led the rear guard action, to let the main body of the Jacobite army escape to safer ground.

Lord George was successful and the Jacobites made their way to Carlisle. Bonnie Prince Charlie left a garrison to defend Carlisle Castle but while he made his way to Scotland to gather more support. The Castle fell to the Government before he returned. The Jacobites met with the government army at Falkirk on the 17th January 1746 where the Redcoat Army were commanded by General Hawley (later called Hangman Hawley). The Jacobites formed on high ground, taking the advantage. Once they were ready they charged down the hill and into the government soldiers standing below.  The government army was having great difficulty, as their gunpowder was damp because of the wet conditions. The Jacobites routed the redcoat army and gave chase, it was all over in only 15 minutes.

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