Jacobites part 4

Historical date: 
1688 - 1746

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Bonnie Prince Charlie moved his army further up to the Highlands hoping to gain more support as they had been quite successful in the campaign. He was to spend his winter in Inverness. The Prince did not expect an attack from his cousin, the Duke of Cumberland, until later in the spring, by which time he would have his full army assembled as he had let many of the highlanders have leave to stay with their family’s over the winter months, also his heavy artillery was laying siege to Fort William as it had already taken Fort Augustus.

The Duke of Cumberland had received word that the River Spey was quite low for that time of year and could be crossed with care, this caught the Jacobite army completely off guard. By the time the Duke of Cumberland was 12 miles away the Prince had only half his army assembled. The Redcoats stopped at Nairn for a full days rest. The Jacobites had chosen the ground of Drumossie Moor on which to have the battle but as they stood there, it became obvious by late afternoon the government would not show on this day.

A plan was hatched to try and surprise the Redcoats as they lay in their beds, the Princes army marched through the night until they came 2 miles short of the Redcoat camp.  By this time it was too late, by the time the Jacobite army was in its battle lines, the dawn would have been upon them and the surprise attack would not work.

The men were to turn around and made their way back to Drumossie Moor.  It was there the Prince was finally defeated. The Battle was to go down in history as a great victory.  The Battle is now known as the Battle of Culloden. In the space of only one hour the Princes hopes and dreams were lost forever, he then became a fugitive and he made his escape to France. He left behind him those who shared his dreams and those who would pay the price of it, with their lives.

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