Ghost tours October 5th - 27th 2012

HI there we hope our customers enjoyed our Ghost tours this year and look forward to seeing you all again next year with more new tails of Horror, Treachery and Bloodshed. Please leave us your comments we would love to hear from you.


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Was a great tour! I was in Pitlochry last saturday with a friend and we made the last tour at 9pm I must say it was very funny and creepy
Was a great tour! I was in Pitlochry last saturday with a friend and we made the last tour at 9pm I must say it was very funny and creepy :) :) I hope they will be there next year again!
We went on the tour on 26th October in Pitlochry and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was well done and very entertaining.
We had been to the Enchanted Forest on the Tuesday evening and made a specific trip back to Pitlochry on our tour of Scotland on the Friday just to do this tour. We were not disappointed, we thoroughly enjoyed it. All of it was done really well. The information was interesting, the cracks were good, something we would recommend you do.
We had a fantastic time on the tour ( 7pm 27/10/12 ) Please dont stop them. The ghosts were great and so full of knowledge Stu and Rob ( Port Seton )
We have been on many ghost tours with different companies and this was by far the best. You guys are professionals and put your heart and soul into it! Please don't stop doing what you do best.
it was amazing pleas do more ghost tours next year
hi I loved the ghost tour that was on on the 27th october 2012 it was amazing pleas have more ghost tours next year pleas :) :)
This was actually the second tour with you guys. Expectations were somewhat high after the 2010 tour and you guys definitely lived up to them, it was entertaining and interesting. I had a great time. Very well done. See you in Pitlochry next year around the same time! (Right?? Good!) All the best from North Lanarkshire. P.S. Still don't believe that bogies count towards your 5 greens a day.
A large group of us came up from Edinburgh to Pitlochry, to have a retreat and to visit in Enchanted Forest. However, we were all very surprised to find out how fantastic the Battlescar Ghost Tour was! As an adult of the group, I realised how clevery organised and run they are. What was even more priceless however was the reaction of the younger children! Would highly recommend!

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